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Outta My Head

Editorial #1: "Is This Thing On?"

It's my first time. Be gentle.

I meant it's my first time as EiC of a fanfic group, ya gutterminds! Geez!

Okay, it's not QUITE my first time, now that I think about it; the first/last time was a handful of years ago, when I'd tried to get a DC fanfic group going; the focus of that one was basically Ultimate-style revamps of the DC characters. It didn't last very long, sadly.

So I suppose with that in mind, it should be a cause for concern that I've become the EiC of a group with much more history, and with more momentum behind it. And believe me, I'm more concerned than anyone. But the position had opened up, and I just couldn't let this group die out, which was a very real possibility. True, someone else could have stepped in as EiC -- and I'd have been more than happy to let that someone do it -- but I happened to be at the right place at the right time to receive the news that Mike Shirley was stepping down, so I snapped up the opportunity before there could be any further delay in UGR's progress.

I'm glad I did. While it's hard work -- there's so much to juggle at once, especially the website maintenance -- ultimately it's a labor of love. I've had a fondness for the Marvel 2099 universe since the five-page preview of Spider-Man 2099 #1 showed up in the back of the Amazing Spider-Man 30th Anniversary Issue -- in other words, from the beginning.

I've also developed a tremendous fondness of the rest of 2099UGR's creative staff. Mike Shirley, Jason McDonald, Chris Munn, John Bush, and the rest have made a relative Ghostworks newbie like myself feel right at home. So believe me when I say I fully plan to perform my duties as Editor in Chief to the best of my ability, and I hope to continue the legacy and make all you guys proud of me.

Stay tuned, we've got some awesome stuff planned.

-David Ellis, EiC

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