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Outta My Head..._

06.13.2005 - Is This Thing On? by David Ellis

06.20.2005 - Full Circle. Or at least, full semi-circle. by Jason McDonald

07.05.2005 - The System Can Crash if You're Not Careful. by David Ellis

07.15.2005 - One Promotion Under Doom. by Jason McDonald

07.27.2005 - We're Not Completely Doom and Gloom! by David Ellis

08.13.2005 - Into the Minds of Madmen. by Jason McDonald and David Ellis

11.16.2005 - Futureshock: New York City. by Jason McDonald

12.01.2005 - Futureshock: Valhalla City. by Jason McDonald

04.12.2006 - Futureshock: Halo City. by Jason McDonald

10.30.2006 - Futureshock: 2211. by Jason McDonald