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"Enigmatic", an X-Men move fanfic.

"Salute", a Captain America fanfic.

"Fanfic X #1", the second in a 14-part series.

I'm Wyzeguy79, and I'll be your tourguide/dementoid.
This place is, happy home. So don't steal anything! Yes, I saw that. Take the silverware back out of your pocket, and kindly put it back in the drawer. Thank you. =)

Anyway, Shout-outs go to all my online friends: perch_and_creep, korina_h, Qu55, Rogue111, Drizzt2215, Minisinoo, leonardozgurl, Age_of_Apocalypse_Blink, Kittie_the_Ultimate_Evolution, Volcanorob, Dakotamunchkin, Farmerwhitey, Donatello_Ivey, monalisa12978, Lady_Melissa_Davenport, Willow_Girl_99, Nathaniel_Grayson, The_Blaze_Mercennary, Sascha, Alaina_Svatoy, aisling_dagmara, Hazeleyez_98, DefiantX1, Joker_of_Arkham, Katris_the Dynamo, and all the rest. When you see your name, stand and take a bow. You folks kick ass with both legs!!!


I updated this here webpage. Go me.


MARIKO: "I'm gay."
MORPH (after a stunned silence): "You're extremely happy?"

-Mariko "Sunfire" Yashida and her teammate Morph, in Exiles #11 (2002).

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Since 3/12/99, I have dragged people here kicking and screaming. My pleasure.

This site received its 900th hit on March 27, 2000!!!

The 1000th hit occurred on May 1st, 2000!!!

The hit counter has since reset itself.

I apologize in advance for all the broken image links. Couldn't be helped.

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This just in: my "Creature of the Night" fanfic won 2nd Place in the short story category of the "X-Day" awards, at: