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Current Writer: John Bush
Frequency: Bi-Monthly

The X-Men

Morphine Somers


"100 years ago, Charles Xavier had a dream of peaceful coexistence between human and mutant.

To realize his dream, he founded the X-Men, a team dedicated to helping mutants in distress and dealing with mutant threats. They were brutally suppressed. This set the stage for the untimely deaths of the next two generations of X-Men.

Today, in the year 2099, a new group of X-Men has been formed. Some would say they have a death wish, but the X-Men know better. They have something more valuable than their lives; a dream worth fighting for. The X-Men of 2099 have had a long journey to get where they are, and no end is in sight.

In their new capacity as the Protectorate of the first mutant community in America, Halo City, they will face threats from within and without. Can they avoid the fate of their predecessors and break the curse of the X-Men? Only time will tell..."

#0 - "Book Report" by John Bush

#1 - "Eddie Comes Home" by John Bush

#2 - "Saints and Sinners, Fools and Killers" by John Bush

#3 - "Shams" by John Bush

#4 - "Digging Up The Past" by John Bush

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