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The Underground has been releasing stories since 1996.

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Current Writer: Various
Frequency: Monthly

In the Year 2099, Possibilities are Unlimited.

In the decades following the First Heroic Age, civilization has been brought back from the brink of nuclear annhiliation. Under the control of mega-powerful corporations, civilization, technology, and have been ushered into a new age ... one where compassion, individuality, justice, and heroism are almost extinct concepts.
But a new Heroic Age has begun, bringing forth new heroes. Some with old names. Some with new names. All of them have undertaken the task of setting this advanced world to rights while there's still a world left.
But what of this world itself? What has happened to society? What are the lives of ordinary people like? What new heroes will emerge?
Here, any story can be told, about anyone or anything in 2099. Because the possibilities are indeed ... Unlimited.

#1 - "Blade 2099: Fair Enough" by David Ellis

#2 - "Metalscream: The Goddess of Vengeance" by Jason McDonald

#3 - "Hand 2099: History Lesson" by David Ellis

#4 - "Blade 2099: Blood Loyalty" by David Ellis

#5 - "Wylder 2099" by Justin Karguth

#6 - "Blade 2099: Janus" by David Ellis

#7 - "Public Eye: Day in the Life" by Bowie Sessions

#8 - "Spider-Man 2099: On the Run" by David Golightly

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