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The Underground has been releasing stories since 1996.

Current Writers: David Ellis and Jason McDonald
Frequency: Bi-Monthly

With great power, comes great guilt.

In an effort to free himself of a rapture addiction imparted upon him by the heinous Tyler Stone, Miguel O'Hara crossed his own genetic structure with that of a spider, and was blessed with extraordinary powers. That is, if growing fangs, talons, organic spinerettes and gaining the proportionate strength, speed and agility of a spider is actually a blessing. In Miguel's case, it wasn't, really. Dodging the Public Eye, SIEGE, Watchdogs, and a host of bounty hunters and super-types was never his idea of fun.

Now promoted to the top dog at Alchemax, Spider-man continues fighting to make the world of 2099 something he can stand to look at. Of course, being kicked out of Downtown by the Vulture and having to navigate a company amidst the petty posturing of self-important department heads is, admittedly a different type of battle than the futuristic web-head is used to. Still, amid the aftermath of President Doom's fall and the Night of the Long Knives, he presses on regardless; taking it all one day at a time.

It's really all he can do.

#0 - "Revisited" by Michael Shirley

#1 - "Descent" by Jason McDonald and David Ellis

#2 - "Twisted Web" by Jason McDonald and David Ellis

#3 - "Historical Present" by Jason McDonald and David Ellis

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