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Outta My Head

Editorial #6: "Into the Minds of Madmen"

David Ellis = A Wise Guy...er, theWyzeguy1
Jason McDonald = The Minion...er, C4Comx28
And so begins your descent into the madness...I mean the copyrighted 2099UGR Creative Process . Make sure all hands and feet are OUTSIDE the vehicle. Try not to scream too loudly. We'll have the straightjacket ready for you at the end of the ride. Enjoy!

theWyzeguy1(11:28:48 PM): believe it or not, a while back I came up with a practical use for S-Man's forearm spikes.

C4ComX28(11:29:01 PM): Oh? What is it?

theWyzeguy1(11:31:36 PM): he can use them to grab onto his lyte-byte cloth when he wants to use it as a parachute. He can just thread the spikes through the weblike gaps in the material as he spreads his arms, and the airfoil catches more wind so he can slow down.

C4ComX28(11:31:40 PM): Oh, I think we also need to come up with a good font for the main page section heads. I've got castellar in a few of the other pages, but I have no idea what to change it too. We already ruled out Verdana as too bland and Castellar as a serif font. I was thinking Agency FB perhaps.

theWyzeguy1(11:31:57 PM): Agency would work. (Agency FB which now adorns the section headers of our main page as well as some of the branch pages, as opposed to Castellar which was the first choice.)

C4ComX28(11:32:03 PM): .....that is AWESOME.

theWyzeguy1(11:32:45 PM): you like that approach, huh?

C4ComX28(11:33:12 PM): I LOVE it. It makes a lot of sense. Perfectly practical.

C4ComX28 (11:33:43 PM): And I was wondering exactly HOW that lyte byte cloth caught ANYTHING if it was vertical when the SMAN jumped downward.

theWyzeguy1(11:34:24 PM): it came to me a while back as I was trying to figure out how the web-cape worked. and when I looked at the forearm spikes that didn't have a function other than ripping off Batman's style ... it clicked.

C4ComX28(11:34:57 PM): Heh. So THAT'S what Batman uses those things for.

theWyzeguy1 [12:29 AM]: I don't think they ever had a practical function until "Batman Begins" turned them into sword-blocking gauntlets.

C4ComX28 [12:31 AM]: Yeah. They were just some freaky little things that looked cool. Although, sword-blocking gauntlets? Heh. Not the most plausible function, but I'll take it.

theWyzeguy1 [12:31 AM]: also, I wondered how Miggy could wear long sleeves over his costume with those forearm spikes. Turns out I have an explanation for that too.

C4ComX28 [12:32 AM]: They fold?

C4ComX28 [12:32 AM]: Or dissolve into the UMF?

theWyzeguy1 [12:33 AM]: They fold. think of it as a variation of the slap-wrap bracelets from the early 1990s. They can be straightened out to a straight edge, or flattened against his forearm so they wrap around it.

C4ComX28 [12:33 AM]: Sweet.

theWyzeguy1 [12:33 AM]: but while the slap-wrap bracelets were made of metal foil, Miggy's spikes are just UMF cloth as you said, but they have a similar property

C4ComX28 [12:36 AM]: Nice! I like this.

(We discuss some issues over the upcoming still-in-progress S-Man Meets story I'd sent him earlier, and...)

theWyzeguy1 [1:58 AM]: Okay, the fic looks great so far. I like the focus on Mig and his mom (especially since there's not currently a Spider-Man 2099 ongoing to field that), and on the subtle pushing of Miguel toward moral compromise.

theWyzeguy1 [1:59 AM]: hopefully you'll continue to show scenes of 2211 life before the crossover.

C4ComX28 [1:59 AM]: Oh yes. Definitely.

C4ComX28 [2:00 AM]: Although, I'm trying to figure out how to show the regular lives of people OUTSIDE the gov't.

C4ComX28 [2:00 AM]: Of 2211, I mean.

theWyzeguy1 [2:01 AM]: the Spider-Men comprise the government, right?

C4ComX28 [2:01 AM]: The SMAN and his Octet, yes.

theWyzeguy1 [2:02 AM]: hmmm... seems to me they'd be a low-budget hardy bunch in order to survive, so they'd be seen getting by on very little

theWyzeguy1 [2:03 AM]: kind of like Downtowners in 2099, only without a huge oppressive superstructure over them

theWyzeguy1 [2:03 AM]: and they'd be better off in terms of food and clothing because the gov't actually cares about providing them with such things.

C4ComX28 [2:04 AM]: Hmmm....so it'd be much more light-hearted. More outdoor worship ceremonies. Better clothing. Better food in terms of not being laced with crap.

theWyzeguy1 [2:05 AM]: yep. they'd be less likely to starve, because they actually have the concept of "share" in their vocabularies.

C4ComX28 [2:06 AM]: Heh-heh. Good point.

C4ComX28 [2:07 AM]: Although, I'm still thinking how any other "tribes" would be assimilated into the Society of the Spider.

theWyzeguy1 [2:08 AM]: there would be a lot less capitalism fueled by the Protestant Work Ethic, because they saw what that did to society in the past. I kind of see them as more free-spirited like most Indian and Mediterranean cultures, where they don't necessarily work, make a buck, and work some more. They do enough to get by and enjoy themselves, and they're not as goal oriented.

theWyzeguy1 [2:08 AM]: you mean tribes like the Society of the Spider is one tribe, and the Goblins are another, etc?

C4ComX28 [2:23 AM]: Exactly.

theWyzeguy1 [2:24 AM]: what do you mean by assimilating? would there be inter-tribal trade, for instance? And what other tribes are there besides the Spiders and the Goblins?

C4ComX28 [2:27 AM]: I'm thinking that the Society of the Spider is trying to re-unite the world. Although I'd been thinking that the Society would try and assimilate other nomadic tribe INTO their tribe, actually bringing them into the culture; they might instead create a unified structure of inter-tribal trade and communication. Perhaps like the relationship the US shares with the Dominican Republic. They are citizens of the US but are fully autonomous and have their own political structure.

C4ComX28 [2:28 AM]: https://members.tripod.com/wyzeguy79/2099ugr.html

theWyzeguy1 [2:28 AM]: Then of the course the the question of, "what makes these Spider-People so sure they're right?"

C4ComX28 [2:31 AM]: Hell yes. That's a damn good question, and something that all the tribes will be asking. Yeah, the tribes probably wouldn't be assimilating themselves INTO the Spider culture. They'd probably just trade for things all while pondering what the hell is going on with these guys? Why do they think what they do? Could they be right?

theWyzeguy1 [2:35 AM]: the page looks good, by the way

C4ComX28 [2:35 AM]: So the Society is trying to unify everyone, but the tribes' mutual distrust of one another and the Society's own arrogance as to whether their way is right or not is slowing things down.

C4ComX28 [2:35 AM]: Thank you.

C4ComX28 [2:36 AM]: Although I like Agency FB, it just feels a bit cramped. But, it looks pretty high-tech and computer-ish so I think it will suffice for now.

theWyzeguy1 [2:37 AM]: you're using Agency FB on the main text, right?

C4ComX28 [2:38 AM]: No, that's Verdana. Agency FB is the section headers.

theWyzeguy1 [2:38 AM]: Looks like Times New Roman or something similar to me, though it might be my old-ass computer

C4ComX28 [2:39 AM]: Sounds like the old version. Refresh the cache.

C4ComX28 [2:40 AM]: I know the old design had TNR for the body text of the intro paragraph and Castellar for the section headers.

theWyzeguy1 [2:45 AM]: Still looks like Castellar. Ah well.

C4ComX28 [2:45 AM]: Oy.

theWyzeguy1 [2:46 AM]: I'll chalk it up to my computer being ancient, and I'll look at the page tomorrow at the library

C4ComX28 [2:46 AM]: Yeah, good idea.

C4ComX28 [2:48 AM]: *imagines your computer intermittently flashing the Windows 95 startup screen and all hunched over with thick glasses and a cane*

C4ComX28 [2:48 AM]: "Gimme mah pills, dammit!"

theWyzeguy1 [2:50 AM]: LOL! Yeah, pretty much. And one LED light in the corner keeps flashing constantly for no discernable reason. I think that's its turn signal...

C4ComX28 [2:50 AM]: LOL!

theWyzeguy1 [2:51 AM]: cool, you got that joke. I'm impressed.

C4ComX28 [2:52 AM]: Thank ye. I use my turn signal much the same way. Put on the blinker. Turn next week.

C4ComX28 [2:52 AM]: Maybe the week after.

theWyzeguy1 [2:52 AM]: lol!

C4ComX28 [2:53 AM]: ;-)

C4ComX28 [2:56 AM]: Okay, finished with the Agency FB on all pages that needed it. Whew!

theWyzeguy1 [2:57 AM]: you da minion!

C4ComX28 [2:57 AM]: Who da Minion? I'M da Minion! Dat's right, mon!

theWyzeguy1 [2:57 AM]: (one of these days you're going to get tired of me calling you a minion, and you'll rebel, I just know it)

theWyzeguy1 [2:57 AM]: lol

C4ComX28 [2:58 AM]: Lol! My plans of overthrowing you master have already begun. You just haven't realized it yet. See those ninjas behind your right shoulder?

theWyzeguy1 [2:59 AM]: *peers over his right shoulder* I don't see anyth--

C4ComX28 [3:00 AM]: Excellent, MY minions. Drag his over-taxed body to the cave. He will become my sole slave labor force as I TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!

theWyzeguy1 [3:01 AM]: *somehow hums the "Pinky & the Brain" theme song while unconscious*

C4ComX28 [3:02 AM]: LOL!