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11.12.06 - We've released a new issue!

In Punisher 2099UGR #3 of 3 by Dino Pollard, things heat up for Vendetta in a way you'd have to see to believe.

Enjoy the issue, and let us know what you think!

David Ellis, Editor-in-Chief_

11.07.06 - Here's a preview of an upcoming 2099 UnderGround Revised issue!

In Punisher 2099UGR #3 of 3 by Dino Pollard, Vendetta tracks down the one responsible for the deception behind the previous issues' events. As it turns out, that person is a bit too close to home....

Enjoy the preview; the full issue is coming soon!

David Ellis, Editor-in-Chief_

11.03.06 - Check out a new release at 2099 UnderGround Revised!

In Spider-Man 2099UGR #3 by Jason McDonald and David Ellis, The focus shifts to Aaron Lycosid, the Spider-Man of 2211. Find out what circumstances led him to become the latest in a centuries-old line of Spider-Man, and learn what has caused him to seek help from Miguel O'Hara.

This issue of course ties in with our upcoming 2211UGR anthology one-shot, so don't miss this!

David Ellis, Editor-in-Chief_


10.30.06 - We have a new release and a new editorial at 2099 UnderGround Revised!

In addition to Fantastic Four 2099UGR #7v2 by David Ellis (in which four rogue scientists who just might be the new Frightful Four test out their new powers), Jason McDonald has written a new "Outta My Head" editorial about 2211, the future era first glimpsed in the Spider-Man 2099 Meets Spider-Man one-shot comic and currently being explored in our Spider-Man 2099UGR series. We're planning an end-of-the-year 2211UGR anthology one-shot, and details can be found here!

Enjoy the FF issue and the 2211 editorial! Let us know what you think!

David Ellis, Editor-in-Chief_

10.18.06 - A preview of an upcoming issue has been released at 2099 UnderGround Revised!

In Fantastic Four 2099UGR #7v2 by David Ellis, four rogue scientists who experimented on the clones of the Fantastic Four have been missing for a month. They've resurfaced, setting their sights on the Four ... but what have they been up to all this time ... and what new powers have they developed?

Find out in "Four More, Part One: Empowered".

Enjoy the preview; the full issue is coming soon!

David Ellis, Editor-in-Chief..._

10.15.06 - We've got a new release at 2099 UnderGround Revised!

In Punisher 2099UGR #2 of 3 by Dino Pollard, Vendetta aggressively pursues the answers to questions of her origin. She's set her sights on an Alchemax lobbyist, and it will take quick thinking on his part in order to stay alive.

Enjoy the issue!

David Ellis, Editor-in-Chief..._


09.16.06 - We've released a new issue!

In Punisher 2099UGR #1 of 3 by Dino Pollard: Jake Gallows, the original Punisher of 2099, is dead, and the warrior woman known as Vendetta has taken up the legacy. In this mature-readers mini-series, Vendetta's investigation of her own origin leads to unexpected revelations.

Let us know what you folks think!

David Ellis, Editor-in-Chief..._


08.27.06 - We've got another new release!

Moon Knight 2099UGR #4, Volume 2 by Jason McDonald, Under the control of his nanotech suit's A.I., the Moon Knight is about to become an assassin. All that prevents him from murder is his own willpower, and the vampire called Lachryma...

As always, comments are welcome!

David Ellis, Editor-in-Chief..._

08.18.06 - Yet another new release has hit the fan!

In X-Men 2099UGR #4 by John Bush, The mysterious genius known as Book has joined forces with the politician Morphine Somers to wrest control of Halo City from the X-Men. Meanwhile, Halloween Jack returns...

As always, comments are welcome!

David Ellis, Editor-in-Chief..._

08.12.06 - We've got a new release!

Daredevil 2099UGR #3 by Bowie Sessions showcases a teamup between the Daredevil of 2099 and a fellow member of the Re-Activ-8 anti-corporation movement. This ally happens to be Arcadia's brother ... but what dangers await them when they they take the fight to Alchemax?

This is shaping up to be the most intense issue yet, so as always, comments are welcome!

David Ellis, Editor-in-Chief..._

08.01.06 - It's a new month, which means we have some new releases in the works!

With that in mind, check out the promo banners for this months issues: Daredevil 2099UGR #3 by Bowie Sessions, X-Men 2099UGR #4 by John Bush, and Moon Knight 2099UGR #4v2 by Jason McDonald.

Short previews for each issue will be available later in the week. Meantime ... whatcha think of the promo images?

David Ellis, Editor-in-Chief..._


07.29.06 - And now for another release!

In Fantastic Four 2099UGR #6v2, "Asylum" by David Ellis, the clone of Johnny Storm confides in a psychologist about the turbulent thoughts and emotions he's kept hidden from his teammates.

Meanwhile, new developments arise in the newfound relationship between Sue Storm and Ben Grimm, leaving Reed Richards the odd man out.

Surprising revelations and dark secrets abound in this issue, so let us know what you think.

David Ellis, Editor-in-Chief..._

07.21.06 - Last week, we delved into Miguel's future with the sudden reappearance of Spider-Man 2211 into Miguel's already complicated life. This week; however, we delve into Miguel's past...

2099UGR Unlimited #8: "Day in the Life"

The spectacular UGR debut of up-and-coming fanfic juggernaut David Golightly, features a look into Miguel's early days of web-slinging.

While Miguel works to spread his heat sig throughout the city in an attempt to prevent cyborg hunters such as Venture from discovering that Miguel O'Hara and the SMAN are one and the same, he runs afoul of a nasty little Downtown gang as well as the ever-relentless Public Eye police force! All while still wrapping his mind around his new powers, of course. Will Miguel make it back to the cushy Babylon Towers before his secret identity is compromised forever? Find out in
2099UGR Unlimited #8: "A Day in the Life", by David Golightly.

Trust us, you'll be glad you did.

Jason McDonald, Assistant Editor..._

07.13.06 - Armageddon is upon us!

No wait, I'm thinking of something else. Actually, we have three more pages ready on our SerialPrizes webspace: this main page, and two new issues!

Daredevil 2099UGR #2 by Bowie Sessions: Paranoia distancing him from Re-Activ-8, Daredevil turns instead to the 13th Street Line, where he makes his justice known through a trail of broken bodies. Finally, his meted punishments are stopped by the appearance of a mercenary named Graveyard, whose name might just be a promise.

Spider-Man 2099UGR #2 by Jason McDonald and David Ellis: Miguel O'Hara's descent into despair and compromise continues as corporate pressures hammer at him. He has made a fateful decision, and the life of his fiancee's killer is about to end. Also, Miguel's other brother Gabriel has developments of his own.

Granted, the rest of the available pages are still on Tripod, where they're laden with popup ads (Look, up at the top of the page! It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's POP-UPS ADS! Guiding you to places you didn't want to go to in the first place; any time, all the time. You're weeeelcome.), but we're working to port over more files and pages as time goes on. And the Tripod site will be our backup site in case this one crashes; how's that sound. Enjoy the issues! Next week: 2099UGR Unlimited #8, and more popup-free pages!

~David Ellis, Editor-in-Chief_

07.08.06 - Previews for the July issues are now available!

Daredevil 2099UGR #2 by Bowie Sessions:
Paranoia distancing him from Re-Activ-8, Daredevil turns instead to the 13th Street Line, where he makes his justice known through a trail of broken bodies. Finally, his meted punishments are stopped by the appearance of a mercenary named Graveyard, whose name might just be a promise.

Spider-Man 2099UGR #2 by Jason McDonald and David Ellis:
Miguel O'Hara's descent into despair and compromise continues as corporate pressures hammer at him. He has made a fateful decision, and the life of his fiancee's killer is about to end. Also, Miguel's other brother Gabriel has developments of his own.

2099UGR Unlimited #8 by David Golightly:
A staff writer for DC Infinity and Marvel 2k joins UGR with this glimpse into Spider-Man 2099's earliest days. What happened to him in the days after his battle with Venture, and before his return home?

Fantastic Four 2099UGR #6v2 by David Ellis:
In the Negative Zone, there is a prison called the Octagon, home to the most dangerous and unstable criminals Earth has to offer. But as the clone of Johnny Storm learns the hard way, an "Asylum" of sorts can be found much closer to home.

Also, an audio trailer for next month's releases can be heard at the end of the third episode of Tom Deja's fanfiction podcast Other People's Toys. So consider that a taste of things to come. Enjoy the previews and the podcast!

~David Ellis, Editor-in-Chief_


06.30.06 - And now for another issue release for the month of June!

Moon Knight 2099UGR #3v2 by Jason McDonald continues to take Marq down a dark, intense road. He's been bitten by the vampire called Lachryma, but is he fated to become a vampire? If his own Moon Knight armor has its way, he'll become something else entirely!

Enjoy the full issue, and be on the lookout in July for new Spider-Man 2099UGR, Daredevil 2099UGR, 2099UGR Unlimited, and Fantastic Four 2099UGR!

~David Ellis, Editor-in-Chief_

06.23.06 - Evening, all! We have some news!

First up, the full version of X-Men 2099UGR #3, penned by the ever-fantastic John Bush, has hit the servers and is now prepped for your fine viewing pleasure!

Sham is stunned by the sudden disappearance of an old friend, leading her and Eddie on an urgent chase to find him before he becomes just another Halo City statistic! Meanwhile, Shakti and Meanstreak are on their way to enjoy some down time when Henri gets a message from an old friend who needs some help, fast. Luckily, Henri's the fastest man around! Plus, more on the sinister plottings of the ingenious Book in "Shams".

Oh, but that's not all! The much-anticipated move of the 2099 Underground Revised to Jason Kenney's SerialPrizes.com domain has begun. So far, only the frontpage has switched over, but the entire site will follow suit in the coming weeks. So reset your links, gents, to the new URL: http://2099ugr.serialprizes.com

So for now, set your sights on our newest release, X-Men 2099UGR #3, and head on over to the message board to chat about the newest release! The full version of Moon Knight 2099UGR #3v2 will arrive within a week, and in the coming weeks, look out for the entire site's move to SerialPrizes!

~Jason McDonald, Assistant Editor..._

06.16.06 - We've got a new release and a couple of announcements!

First announcement: I was recently interviewed about 2099UGR by fellow fanfiction writer Tom Deja for his "Other People's Toys" podcast. That episode can be downloaded here. Not only does the episode contain the interview, but also a short audio trailer I'd cooked up to advertise 2099UGR's July releases.

Next, former 2099UGR Editor-in-Chief Mike Shirley has been around behind the scenes for a while, even after he stepped down as EiC, but he's recently been given the official title, "Associate Editor". Basically, that means he helps out with the editorial processes in an official/unofficial capacity. If that makes any sense at all. :)

Last, but certainly not least, Daredevil 2099UGR #1 by Bowie Sessions has been released in full! If you thought the black-clad urban warrior made some noise in last week's preview, just wait until you read what happens in the rest of the issue!

Enjoy the podcast and the Daredevil issue, and be sure to tell Mike congrats for his new title. In the coming weeks: the full versions of X-Men 2099UGR and Moon Knight 2099UGR!

~David Ellis, Editor-in-Chief_

06.10.06 - Previews of this month's releases are now available!

First up is Daredevil 2099UGR #1, the start of a mini-series by Bowie Sessions. The mysterious vigilante who first appeared in the 2099 A.D. Genesis one-shot comic makes his UGR debut here, as he dispenses justice the old-fashioned way.

Next is X-Men 2099UGR #3 by John Bush. Rookie X-Men/Protectorate member Sham takes center stage as she searches for his missing friend Quiver.

And finally, Moon Knight 2099UGR #3v2 by Jason McDonald features the return of the vampire Lachryma to the 2099 mythos. And Marq, the Moon Knight of 2099 is on the receiving end of her bite.

Enjoy the previews; the full issues will be released in the coming weeks.

~David Ellis, Editor-in-Chief_


05.27.06 - Ladies and gents, we've got a new release!

In Fantastic Four 2099UGR #5v2 by David Ellis, the Fantastic Four's tour of Downtown takes an intriguing twist when the clone of Ben Grimm visits his predecessor's old Yancy Street stomping grounds.

Meanwhile, the rest of the FF are dealing with Ben's disappearance, but how do they deal with the order that they have to sit still and let Stark-Fujikawa track him down? Not well.

Enjoy the issue, and discuss it here.

~David Ellis, Editor-in-Chief_

05.18.06 - Ghost Rider 2099UGR #1, by Chris Munn, has been released!

Transverse City has been abandoned by the mega-corporations and declared a no-man's land ... making it ripe for a takeover by a shady group of concerned citizens. And Ghost Rider himself connects with a figure from Zero Cochrane's past, who's making a few connections of her own.

~David Ellis, Editor-in-Chief_

05.12.06 - Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls, Children of All Ages....get ready to read the FIRST ISSUE of Spider-Man 2099UGR, freshly released from the digital servers of the 2099 Underground Revised!

Written by David Ellis and myself, this titanic issue chronicles the trials of Miguel O'Hara, still struggling with his ex-fiance Dana D'Angelo's death while dealing with the responsibilities of running Alchemax, the most powerful megacorporation in New York City. We see as well how Gabriel O'Hara and Xina Kwan are dealing with their loss one month after the fact. It all culminates when Miguel is forced to make a life-or-death decision in "Descent", by Jason McDonald and David Ellis.

Enjoy the ish. And when you're done, drop us a line over on the fine ol' Message Board, and tell us how we're doing.

~Jason McDonald, Assistant Ed._

05.06.06 - And now for previews of the May issues!

First, an announcement: be on the lookout for Bowie Sessions' Daredevil 2099UGR limited series within the next couple of months. Bowie previously wrote the Public Eye story for 2099UGR Unlimited #7, so we're really excited about the direction he's taking the mystery man.

Second, we have short previews of no less than three issues this month. In Spider-Man 2099UGR #1 by Jason McDonald and myself, Miguel O'Hara's current position as CEO of the largest corporation on Earth takes a tremendous toll on his life, and especially his psyche.

In Ghost Rider 2099UGR #1 by Chris Munn, Transverse City has been abandoned by the mega-corporations and declared a no-man's land ... making it ripe for a takeover by a shady group of concerned citizens.

And in Fantastic Four 2099UGR #1 by David Ellis, the Fantastic Four's tour of Downtown takes an intriguing twist when the clone of Ben Grimm visits his predecessor's old Yancy Street stomping grounds.

Enjoy the previews! The full issues will be available soon.

David Ellis, Editor-In-Chief_


04.30.06 - Prolific fanfic writer and Marvel Omega EiC Dino Pollard has posted an announcement on his LiveJournal that he'll be writing an upcoming Punisher 2099UGR miniseries. The project was based on a suggestion of mine, so I'm really excited to have Dino contribute to 2099UGR. Stay tuned for further updates.

David Ellis, Editor-In-Chief_

04.25.06 - The full versions of April's issues have been released!

Check out Moon Knight 2099UGR #2v2 by Jason McDonald, and X-Men 2099UGR #2 by John Bush!

Also, we have another announcement: the website will soon move from our webspace on Tripod to Jason Kenney's Serial Prizes domain. That should happen in May, to coincide with my one year anniversary as EiC of this group.

So stay tuned for that, and for further announcements. In the meantime, enjoy the previews!

David Ellis, Editor-In-Chief_

04.21.06 - We've got a couple of previews and an announcement for ya!

First the announcement: as seen above, we've got a Ghost Rider 2099UGR series in the works by acclaimed writer Chris Munn, who wrote the #0 issue many moons ago. Be prepared from some intense, mature-readers action and intrigue in the Mighty UGR Manner!

Second, we have short previews of two new issues to be released this month. In Moon Knight 2099UGR #2v2 by Jason McDonald, the life of Moon Knight's friend hangs in the balance, but what difficulties will the Knight face in order to save her?

And in X-Men 2099UGR #2, a gunslinger comes a-callin' in the streets of Halo City. His quarry is Xi'An Chi Xan, former leader of the X-Men and former outlaw. The gunslinger's name ... is Foolkiller.

Enjoy the previews! The full issues will be available soon.

David Ellis, Editor-In-Chief_


Our third stop in the "Futureshock Train" of Editorials is none other than Halo City. Yes, Halo City, mutant city-state and home to the illustrious X-Men 2099! In this feature, you'll get some insight into the city by the man who decreed its construction; Mr. Victor Von Doom!

Happy reading! And speaking of that "merry" mutant band, be on the lookout for some previews later this week of both the second issue of John Bush's X-Men 2099UGR ongoing series as well as the second issue of Moon Knight 2099UGR by....uh...whassisface?

Jason McDonald, Assistant Editor_


03.24.06 - Aaaand we have some new releases!

Check out 2099UGR Unlimited #7, by Bowie Sessions, a look at the life of Officer Dan Puglisi, an inept Public Eye cop. What events could possibly change this guy's life? You'll just have to see.

Then of course there's Fantastic Four 2099UGR #4v2 by David Ellis, in which the FF become part of a rather sinister "Science Project" ... one which they might not escape unscathed.

~David Ellis, Editor in Chief_

03.19.06 - Previews of this month's issues have been released!

In 2099UGR Unlimited #7, new staff writer Bowie Sessions contributes an inside look in to the Public Eye police force ... as seen from the perspective of Dan Puglisi, its most inept officer.

And in Fantastic Four 2099UGR #4v2, the FF find themselves the subjects of a quartet of rogue geneticists' experiment.

Enjoy the previews; the full issues will be released soon!

~David Ellis, Editor in Chief_

03.01.06 - Your eyes do not decieve you. Yes, there will be a Spider-Man 2099UGR ongoing series co-written by Jason McDonald and myself! The bimonthly series will begin in May of this year, and chronicle the continuing adventures of 2099's flagship hero.

Also, I've unfortunately had to postpone Fantastic Four 2099UGR #4v2 until sometime this month, as its two-months-on, one-month off schedule didn't work out as well as I'd hoped. So in an effort to strengthen the backlog, the ongoing will move to a bimonthly schedule starting this month. Apologies to those who were waiting for #4v2 to be released in February.

~David Ellis, Editor in Chief_


02.18.06 - The premiere issue of Jason McDonald's Moon Knight 2099UGR ongoing series is now available in its entirety!

As usual, feedback is welcome.

~David Ellis, Editor in Chief_

02.15.06 - Hope everyone had a nice Valentine's Day! To celebrate, we're releasing a preview for the first issue of the brand-new MOON KNIGHT 2099UGR ongoing series! In it, Gale and Marq decide to take a tour of Downtown New York! Plus some recap for those who haven't yet read the limited series.

The full issue should hit the stands somewhere around the end of the week.

A reminder: If you'd like to discuss X-Men 2099UGR, Moon Knight 2099UGR, Fantastic Four 2099UGR, or any of our other fine titles, hop over to the 2099UGR Message Board! Any and all feedback is welcome.

~Jason McDonald, Assistant Editor_

02.10.06 - John Bush's X-Men 2099UGR #1 has officially launched!

It turns out the mutant know-it-all Book isn't the only thing the X-Men of 2099 have to worry about -- they have an entire city of mutants and other genetically-gifted citizens to deal with.

Next week: Jason McDonald's Moon Knight 2099UGR #1v2!

~David Ellis, Editor-in-Chief_

02.07.06 - Hot on the heels of the X-Men 2099UGR #1 preview and promo image, we're pleased to reveal the promo images for the two other issues slated for this month: Jason McDonald's Moon Knight 2099UGR #1 and David Ellis' Fantastic Four 2099UGR #4v2!

We do so love our promo images. And Photoshop -- we love our Photoshop.

~David Ellis, Editor-in-Chief_

02.07.06 - Later this week will see the long-awaited debut of John Bush's X-Men 2099UGR ongoing seres!

Meanwhile, check out a short preview of #1, in which the X-Men gain a new ally in the enigmatic Book, a mutant who knows far too much.

Enjoy the preview; we have a lot more where that came from.

~David Ellis, Editor-in-Chief_


01.27.06 - The full version of 2099UGR Unlimited #6 is now available!

In "Janus", Blade 2099 crosses paths with a newcomer called Daywalker. But will these two be allies or enemies? Vampiric assassins Guillotine and Garrote intend to make sure Blade never finds out!

~David Ellis, Editor-in-Chief_

01.24.06 - Later this week -- *crosses fingers* -- the first UGR issue of the new year, 2099UGR Unlimited #6, will be released. For now, check out the sneak preview of the issue, which features some schmoe destined to cross paths with Blade 2099!

And next month, be on the lookout for the debut of two ongoings, Jason McDonald's Moon Knight 2099UGR and John Bush's X-Men 2099UGR. Oh and my Fantastic Four 2099UGR #4v2.

~David Ellis, Editor-in-Chief_

01.17.06 - Exiles #75. Written by Tony Bedard with art by Jim Caliafore.

The Exiles, a band of dimension-hopping mutants, are on the trail of perhaps the most dangerous mutant ever to exist on any dimension: The reality-altering PROTEUS.

With the death of one of their longest-standing teammates, the Exiles have tracked this body-swapping psychotic to a very familiar reality: 2099.

Seriously, if you're not reading this title, you should. The Exiles are on a two-issue-layover in the year 2099. Guest-starring, the superb SMAN Miguel O'Hara, as well as John Eisenhart, the more-than-fierce Hulk 2099!

This is perhaps one of the most accurate portrayals of the 2099 universe to come along since perhaps 2099: Manifest Destiny. So go check out Exiles #75, and then go on over to the Message Board and discuss your thoughts on the issue!

Go, GO! Before Proteus comes along and steals your body!

~Jason McDonald, Assistant Editor_

01.10.06 - Man, writing "'06" is gonna take some getting used to!

Anyway, down to biz: Dave gave us some continuity notes for the 2099: NEW YEAR'S EVE SPECIAL, so everyone can get a better idea of where each New Year's story fits in within the continuity of its respective title. So...YAY!

Also, with the new year, we thought we'd remind everyone of some of the OTHER titles we have open at the 2099UGR. On these introductory pages, you'll find a basic tagline along with some info about the concept. Feast your awaiting orbs:


Remember, these aren't any hard-and-fast series concepts. There's always room for negotiation and innovation.

As always, review our Submissions Page if you're interested in submitting a proposal for a new series/mini-series/one-shot/cash bribe and you can contact Dave or I at ellistouch@yahoo.com or jmk2099ugr@yahoo.com, respectively.

Hasta luigi.

~Jason McDonald, Assistant Editor_


12.30.05 - 2005 is almost over. So is 2099.

Celebrate the coming of both 2006 and 2100 with our rockin' 2099: NEW YEAR'S EVE SPECIAL! Showcasing tales from the illustrious John Bush, the superb David Ellis, and myself, we offer you a glimpse as to how titans like the X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Moon Knight of 2099 are celebrating their New Year's in five furious futuristic tales. This year-end one-shot is NOT TO BE MISSED!

So come over and celebrate the year changeover to 2100 in all of our titles. We're rocking the new year in typical 2099UGR style, and not even Herod himself can stop us now!

In the meantime, HAPPY NEW YEAR, from all the fine folks down here at the 2099 UNDERGROUND REVISED!

~Jason McDonald, Assistant Editor_

12.27.05 - Somewhere around the end of this week, we at the 2099 UnderGround Revised group will release the 2099: New Year's Eve Special, a one-shot containing short stories about how some of the 2099UGR characters spend the holidays (specifically Christmas and New Year's) in the year 2099.

Featured in the preview is the first scene from John Bush's X-Men 2099UGR contribution; the rest of the stories and characters will be available in the full version.

Check out the preview, and don't be shy about feedback!

~David Ellis, Editor-In-Chief_

12.23.05 - Fantastic Four 2099UGR #3, and X-Men 2099UGR #0 have been RELEASED!

In the third thundering issue of Fantastic Four 2099UGR, the famous foursome travel to Earth to confront their corporate benefactor, Hikaru Sama, on his misdeeds in the Negative Zone following last issue's brutal finale! Moral battles ensue, but the real challenge the FF must face are their new fans: A quartet of scientists intent on uncovering their secrets. But are these scientists merely a bunch of persistent fanboys, or are they something far worse? Find out, in Fantastic Four 2099UGR #3!

Also: The DEBUT of a new series here at the 2099 Underground Revised. Penned by the indomitable John Bush, we have for you: X-Men 2099UGR #0! Just before Book's liberation from the oppressive Quetzacoatl Corporation, John gives us a look into Book's private data-logs just prior to the escape. Profiles on Cerebra, Skullfire, La Lunatica, Halloween Jack and more, as well as some insight into the thoughts of perhaps the most dangerous mutant alive.

So take a look at two exciting new reads here in this marvelous future-verse, and be back next week just in time for the more-than-jagged 2099UGR NEW YEARS EVE SPECIAL, a one-shot anthology of holiday tales, featuring none other than the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, Daredevil, Moon Knight and the new Metalscream last seen in 2099UGR Unlimited #2! It's a thick piece of collective fanfic; simply a holiday gift from us to you.

So, enjoy the dazzling new releases! And be back here next week to sound in the new year with some excellent stories from the Underground Revised!

~Jason McDonald, Assistant Editor_

12.15.05 - Following the recent posting of the Fantastic Four 2099UGR #3v2 preview, we've made available the promo banner to that issue, as well as the banners for the other two issues set to premiere later this month: X-Men 2099UGR #0 and the 2099: New Year's Eve one-shot!
Also, we've released a short preview of X-Men 2099UGR #0, written by John Bush. In it, an indentured servant with a rocklike mutation and unmatched memory records his musings on the X-Men of 2099 ... and the amount information he has on them is mind-blowing!
This is one of our more productive months here at 2099 UnderGround Revised, so be on the lookout soon for a preview of 2099: New Year's Eve, as well as the full versions of all three issues!
Oh, and the "Just for Fun" section has been updated with a parody version of FF 2099UGR #3v2's banner, so never let it be said we don't have a sense of humor.
~David Ellis, Editor-In-Chief

12.13.05 - Check out the preview to Fantastic Four 2099UGR #3v2!
Reed Richards' twentieth-century journal entry ruminates about egotism in the context of exploring the unknown. And in 2099, the clones of the Fantastic Four prepare for a trip to Earth so they can speak to Hikaru, the CEO of the Stark-Fujikawa corporation!
The full issue will be released soon; check out the preview and leave feedback!
Also coming soon: previews for X-Men 2099UGR #0 (written by John Bush) and the 2099: New Year's Eve one-shot (with stories by Bush, David Ellis, and Jason McDonald)!
~David Ellis, Editor-In-Chief

12.01.05 - The Futureshock continues! Our newest feature: "Futureshock: Valhalla City", gives us an unbiased glimpse (Unbiased? Shyeah, right.) into the birth and demise of America's latest, greatest, and ONLY floating city of all time: Valhalla.
From its humble beginnings as a corporate publicity stunt in the pages of the Fall of the Hammer crossover, all the way up to its days of prominence as Doom's all-in-one base of operations in One Nation Under Doom, we spotlight this amazing technological achievement, and how its initial construction almost spelled DOOM for New York City!
Join us as we continue to explore the past of the future.
~Jason McDonald, Assistant Editor


11.18.05 - We've got another release!
The second issue of the Fantastic Four 2099UGR ongoing series is now available for reading. Last issue's massive brawl between the Fantastic Four of 2099 and the surviving warriors of the Negative Zone concludes, leading to a confrontation that has to be seen to be believed. Who are these Zone natives, and just what do they want?
Check out Fantastic Four 2099UGR #2v2! As always, feedback is encouraged and appreciated.
~David Ellis, Editor-in-Chief

11.16.05 - Time to play catch-up, boys and girls! The 2099 universe was packed with so much information and tiny little intricate details that it's very easy to miss some of the little things that make the future of the Marvel Universe so special. Added to the fact that the last "2099" regular title was published almost a decade ago, and we see that in order to forge ahead in the 2099 bandwagon, we must take a look at what has come before.
To this end, we have hijacked the semi-weekly Editorial feature in order to showcase some of the more prominent areas of the world of the future. Editorial #7: Futureshock- New York City explores how far "Nueva York" has come since the latter days of the twencen, and delves right into the class separation that distinguishes Uptown New York, from Downtown New York. Aimed for distinguished veterans and curious newcomers alike. Enjoy!
~Jason McDonald, Assistant Editor

11.01.2005 - This just in: A preview of Fantastic Four 2099UGR #2v2 has been posted on this site, so here's your sneak peek at a tiny chunk of the series' second issue. In the preview, Reed examines the consequences of of major scientific discoveries, and Shandra Willis and the Station 4 crew keep them up to date on the FF's latest mission ... even if they use not-so-legal means.

Enjoy, and feel free to leave comments. The full issue will be released later this month!

-- David Ellis, Editor in Chief


10.24.2005 - I recently posted in my Livejournal a list of titles I'd like to see at 2099UGR. Some (like Spider-Man 2099UGR) are pretty obvious, while others (like Duke Stratosphere) are much more obscure. Check out the list, and remember that it's only a suggestion; I'm calling on prospective writers to be creative!--

David Ellis, Editor in Chief

10.22.2005 - Hey, we've got some exciting news involving upcoming projects!

First, Acclaimed fanfic writer Chris Munn, who wrote Ghost Rider 2099 #0 on this site, is returning to GR for an ongoing series coming soon! Munn will chronicle the continuing adventures of the Warbot in Transverse City, so it's great to have Chris back!

Second, a Daredevil 2099UGR series is planned for January 2006! The series -- featuring the DD 2099 character first glimpsed in the 2099 Genesis comic book -- will be plotted by David Ellis (me) and written by Justin Karguth (who wrote the Wylder 2099 story in 2099UGR Unlimited #5.

And third, the last week of December will see the release of 2099/2100: New Years Eve, a collection of short stories about how various characters in the 2099UGRverse spend the holidays and the calendar rollover from the year 2099 to 2100! The names on our various titles will remain "2099UGR" (as that's our group's brand name), but the coming months will see events in our various titles taking place in January of '00; currently the active time period for most of our titles is late November/early-to-late December of '99. Got all that? Good!

-- David Ellis, Editor in Chief

10.20.2005 - The Fantastic Four 2099UGR ongoing series has launched its first issue! Before the Fantastic Four can even get used to their new Station 4 headquarters in the Negative Zone, a threat emerges in the form of its indigenous liforms. We at UGR think this issue is worth the wait; what do you guys think?

-- David Ellis, Editor in Chief

10.03.2005 - For those eagerly anticipating the Fantastic Four 2099UGR ongoing series, take a look at a short preview of the first issue! You'll get a peek at one of Reed Richards' twentieth century journal entries, and at an invasion that was hinted at in #4 of the FF 2099UGR mini-series. Enjoy and leave feedback -- the full issue is coming soon!

-- David Ellis, Editor in Chief


09.24.2005 - Yeah, it looked like we were going to let this site go a full month without an update other than a Franklin 2099 parody banner, but fear not! While Real Life issues have kicked our butts (mostly mine) incredibly hard, we're not defeated yet! Fantastic Four 2099UGR #1, vol. 2 is still on the horizon; check out the banner for that below. Jason McDonald's Spider-Man 2099 Meets 2211 story has been pushed back quite a bit in favor of his Moon Knight 2099UGR ongoing series, but it'll probably return as a mini-series.

And 2099UGR Unlimited will continue as well, but current issues are in need of writers. So HELP WANTED! Anyone who would like to contribute a short story is encouraged to contact us, the Editors, at ellistouch@yahoo.com and jmk2099ugr@yahoo.com.

-- David Ellis, Editor in Chief


08.18.2005 - Greetings, folks! With another month comes another update, though we do have some unfortunate news. Due to time constraints, technical problems, and various other factors snowballing, the planned one-shots, Spider-Man 2099 Meets 2211 and 2099: State of the Union, will be pushed back at least a month. It's embarrassing, but we're still new to the whole project editor thing. But we promise, the issues WILL be released. For now, enjoy guest writer Justin Karguth's story in 2099UGR Unlimited #5, guest-starring Spider-Man 2099!

-- David Ellis, Editor in Chief

08.13.2005 - The sixth Editorial is up! This one is a glimpse into the creative process behind the 2099 Underground. SEE the explanation behind those strange Batman-ripoff spikes on the SMAN's arms! THRILL in the intricacies behind 2211 life! FEEL the quest for vengeance after Jason is called "Minion" one too many times by Mr. Ellis!

Editorial #6: "Into the Minds of Madmen" is now up. And don't worry, we'll keep the padded cell open for you once you're done reading.

~Jason McDonald, Assistant Editor

08.03.2005 - So what do ya think? After much intensive toil, the banners for the August UGR issues are finished! Check 'em out below. As you can see, we'll have a new issue of a current ongoing and two special one-shots.

Jason Karguth guest-writes 2099UGR Unlimited #5, set for August 18th. Jason McDonald, the Assistant Editor, writes the Spider-Man 2099 Meets 2211 one-shot set for the 18th, continuing the glimpse of the far future of the 2099verse first glimpsed in Spider-Man 2099 Meets Spider-Man.

And me? I'm responsible for 2099: State of the Union, a one-shot set for August 25th that features the return of Doom and his cyber-hacker ally Wire. Doom's plans to rebuild a power-base reveal what the current balance of power is, and how much power those currently in charge really have.

Comments, as always, are welcome. Sign the guestbook further down on the page, or drop us e-mails and let us know how we're doing. We'd love to hear from ya.

~David Ellis, EiC.


07.27.2005 - Our fifth editorial, "We're Not Completely Doom and Gloom" has just been loaded! Not only does it discuss the lighter side of the 2099-o-verse, it also contains some HILARIOUS promotional banners by our frontman David Ellis as well as some spoilers about a little one-shot project I've been working on for some time, set for release in August!

It's a real treat. Remember, we've got a double dose of one-shots geared up for August, Unlimited #5 will hit the stands then as well, and be ready for a little surprise coming at the beginning of next month. What kind of surprise, you ask? Trust me, you'll know it when you see it.

~Jason McDonald.

07.15.2005 - We have some phenomenal news...and we have some not-so-phenomenal news.

The Phenomenal News, is that Moon Knight 2099UGR #5 of 5, 2099 Unlimited #4 and the fourth Editorial are ready and willing for perusal by your hungry and waiting orbs! That's right, the conclusion to the Blade saga, "Blood Loyalty" has been released, as has the conclusion to the Moon Knight 2099UGR mini-series, "Shining Crescent", as you might notice below!

Along with this rapid-fire double shot of issue releases, so comes the fourth editorial in the weekly series, "One Promotion Under Doom" written by Jason McDonald!

On with the Not-So-Phenomenal News: We regret to inform that the mystery one-shot we've been hinted at will be delayed at least a month due to unfortunate setbacks with crashed computers and story retooling. (By the way, the tragic story of the crashed computers can be found here.)

We apologize for the setback of the one-shot, but due to circumstances that just were not under our control, the one-shot HAD to be delayed. We hoped you'll forgive us, as we want this baby to be as high-quality as humanly possible. So for August, count on two one-shots and a sweet release of 2099 Unlimited, written by new scribe Justin Karguth!

Once again, we apologize for the setback, but it had to be done. Meanwhile, enjoy the trio of releases!

~Jason McDonald.

07.06.2005 - Take a look at the promo banners below. They're previews for the July issues: Moon Knight 2099UGR #5 of 5 written by Jason McDonald, 2099UGR Unlimited #4 (featuring the return of Blade 2099) written by David Ellis, and a special one-shot, written by David Ellis (again?) featuring a popular character.

The character in question (and the banner for the one-shot) will be revealed on the 14th, when the other issues are released. Then, on the 28th, the one-shot issue will be released, and hopefully it'll be worth the wait. As always, let us know how we're doing.

~David Ellis, Editor in Chief

07.05.2005 - Hope everyone had an excellent July 4th! What we've got for you today is our third editorial, by our ever-busy EiC David Ellis. We apologize, it's slightly later than expected. As for the Editorial itself, it outlines the tragic loss of his home PC. We will carry on though, somehow.

Remember, July 14th is when we will be releasing the exciting continuation of Blade 2099 in the fourth issue of 2099UGR Unlimited! Not to mention the final fifth issue of the Moon Knight 2099UGR Limited Series! And a mere TWO WEEKS later, we'll be serving up a secret one-shot deal. David's making me keep the details of this baby a secret through brutal torture by Klingon pain sticks, but trust me when I say that this one-shot will not only have far-reaching consequences, but it will also set the stage for many things yet to come in this wild future of ours! We also plan to have some sleek, sexy new banners for Moon Knight 2099UGR #5 and 2099UGR Unlimited #4 up very soon!

Meanwhile, enjoy the slightly belated editorial! It's on us.

~Jason McDonald, Assistant Editor


06.20.2005 - There's a new Editorial up today! Written by yours truly. Poll's still active on the Message Board if you wanna have a crack at that baby. Keep your eyes peeled for the next editorial, due out in the beginning of next week, as well as the next set of releases, due out twice next month! A dual release in a month, you say? A UGR first, you say? You said it! ~Jason McDonald, Assistant Editor

06.17.2005 - Minor tweaks today. You'll notice some snazzy new logos for the Promos, Editorial, Titles, Submissions, Staff and Contact pages that weren't there before. AND there's a new POLL going on at the 2099 UGR Message Board, so if you feel like talking 2099, feel free to join right in! And keep checking back for the second Editorial, which is coming along just nicely in that I kinda, maybe, sorta haven't started writing it yet! ~Jason McDonald, Assistant Editor

06.14.2005 - All the links on this page that had a Coming Soon! tag attached to them are now live and in working order! That means the Submissions, Staff, and Contact pages are ready, as well as the Editorial page, complete with the first "Outta My Head" column for this site. "Outta My Head" will be a weekly column by myself and Jason McDonald, so check back regularly! -David Ellis, EiC

06.09.2005 - The June 2005 issues have launched! This marks the first release I've overseen as 2099UGR Editor in Chief. Extra special thanks go out to my partner in crime, Jason McDonald, for helping me with the editing and webmastering chores, and to departing EiC Mike Shirley for all the support and guidance. I couldn't have done this without ya! Meantime, folks, enjoy the new issues: Fantastic Four 2099UGR #4 of 4, Moon Knight 2099UGR #4 of 5, and 2099UGR Unlimited #3. Let us know how we're doing so far! -David Ellis, EiC