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The Underground has been releasing stories since 1996.

Current Writer: Chris Munn
Frequency: Occasional

Life...I once had a life, though it seems so long ago. Death was supposed to be a release from the pains and agonies of life. I now think that it's just a continuation of them. All of life's problems, put on my shoulders because all the shockin' ratbiters of this world can't deal with their own.

This is why the Ghostworks chose me to be the world's savior... the only problem is that I don't give a shock about the people of this shockin' place. That's why I left Transverse City, to forget every thing that went on there. To forget my past life as Zero Cochrane.

...To forget the D/Monix corporation that corrupted everyone, including my former parents. And to definitively lose memories of the Ghostworks, the ones responsible for ruining my death.

#0 - "Vengeance. Pure and Simple." by Chris Munn

#1 - "Rareware, Part 1: Sensor Deprivation" by Chris Munn

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