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Disclaimer: All characters are trademark of Marvel Comics, unless otherwise noted.
The Underground has been releasing stories since 1996.

Current Writer: David Ellis
Frequency: Monthly

Reed Richards - Mr. Fantastic.

Sue Storm - Invisible Woman.

Johnny Storm - Human Torch.

Benjamin J. Grimm - The Thing.

1st Mini-Series:

They are the Fantastic Four, and they have awakened in the year 2099. Stark-Fujikawa, an Earth corporation has overrun the Negative Zone, strip-mining it to its proverbial bare walls, and the Fantastic Four, coming to terms with this harsh, heartless era, find themselves in the position of saving the Negative Zone ... pitting them against the Stark-Fujikawa workers who awakened them.

#1 - "Shifting Gears" by David Ellis

#2 - "Only Human" by David Ellis

#3 - "Endangered Species" by David Ellis

#4 - "Danger Zone" by David Ellis

Ongoing Series:

Having struck a tenuous alliance with the Stark-Fujikawa corporation in order to repair the ailing Negative Zone, the Fantastic Four have established a base of operations called Station Four. But new challenges await them ... both in the Zone and on Earth.

#1v2 - "Restless Natives" by David Ellis

#2v2 - "Standoff" by David Ellis

#3v2 - "Homegate" by David Ellis

#4v2 - "Science Project" by David Ellis

#5v2 - "Old Neighborhood" by David Ellis

#6v2 - "Asylum" by David Ellis

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