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The Underground has been releasing stories since 1996.

Current Writer: Bowie Sessions
Frequency: Monthly

On the Night of Long Knives, I woke up.

They killed the heroes, the ones who tried to reintroduce us to magic, hope, independence
to Justice.

I saw it on the news and I KNEW. Someone had show them that it takes more than gunfire to kill an idea. Ive allowed my hate to grow in me and bloom. I have no life, no home, no ties and no love. It's time to show them all that a man with nothing is a Man Without Fear.

I am

#1 - Eyes Wide Open - part 1:
"Lowered Expectations" by Bowie Sessions

#2 - Eyes Wide Open - part 2:
"Back to Basics" by Bowie Sessions

#3 - Eyes Wide Open - part 3:
"Inside Man" by Bowie Sessions

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