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David Ellis

The Man, the Myth, the Would-Be Universal Dictator ... David Ellis is many things, except for that last part (regardless of whatever Jason McDonald might claim). He started out as a humble staff writer for 2099UGR, but upon finding out that his good friend Mike Shirley was stepping down as the group's Editor in Chief, he was more than happy to offer his services as a replacement. His life hasn't been the same since, now that he has to worry about website upkeep, editorial tasks, diplomacy ... oh, and writing. With projects like Fantastic Four 2099UGR, and various stories in 2099UGR Unlimited in the works, he has successfully replaced Mike Shirley in at least one regard: he's now the busiest SOB in the group.
YM: ellistouch
AIM: Wyzeguy1
E-mail: ellistouch@yahoo.com

Assistant Editor:
Jason McDonald

Recently promoted to "The Minion" rather than simply "The Lackey", Jason McDonald is the loyal follower of David Ellis. He is responsible ... or at least accountable ... for many aspects of site upkeep as well as for the miniseries, and soon to be ongoing series, Moon Knight 2099UGR. He tries to keep David's plans for world domination in check, as has been the proud tradition of assistant editors, but has merely inspired a plan for universal domination. We'll...see how this goes.
YM: jmk2099ugr
AIM: C4Comx28
E-mail: jmk2099ugr@yahoo.com