Title: Yo Quiero
Author: David Ellis
Disclaimer: Marvel owns 'em...which is good, because Marvel's good at character revivals.
Rating: PG (character death, bizarre humor)
Universe: Ultimate X-Men
Feedback: Fork it over, Bucko!
Archive: Uh huh. Just tell me where.
Summary: "They died instantly..."
Notes: This is a response to a fan fiction challenge on the X-Fiction email list, challenging writers to write an X-Men fanfic beginning with the sentence, "They died instantly." Since no restrictions were given on length and tone, I came up with this (and had to apologize to a few people afterward). This story takes place following the events in
Ultimate X-Men #12, where Rogue and Juggernaut join the Brotherhood of Mutants.


They died instantly.

Frederick J. Dukes stared at the fallen, asphyxiated bodies of his fellow Brotherhood members. Pietro, Wanda, Mort, Rogue, Cain, and Jason. They were his friends. And now they were dead. Because of him.

He looked down at the greasy paper that remained of his Taco Bell chalupa, and clenched it in his chubby fists.

His heart heavy, he whispered, "but it was just a little gas...."


End Notes: To understand this properly, one needs a bit of familiarity with the X-Men characters. First of all, Fred "Blob" Dukes possesses an almost ungodly amount of molecular density, in that he weighs over a full ton, is grossly overweight, and eats constantly. He's not a fun character to look at, let alone be in the same room with.
The other people mentioned in this ficlet are: Pietro "Quicksilver" Maximoff, gifted with superhuman speed; Wanda "Scarlet Witch" Maximoff, able to control probability; Mortimer "Toad" Toynbee, who looks and jumps like a frog; Rogue, who can absorb the memories and physical traits of others with a touch; Cain "Juggernaut" Marko, gifted with a planet's invulnerability and a freight train's momentum, and Jason "Mastermind" Wynegarde, who can project realistic illusions in the minds of others.
Just some info for newcomers, even though the notes required a word count longer than the ficlet itself.

Title: The ABCs of Roomies
Author: Wyzeguy
Email: Wyzeguy79@hotmail.com
Summary: Rogue walks in on Jubilee and Kitty during an...'intense' moment.
Rating: R (mentions of sex between consenting females)
Universe: Movieverse
Pairing: Jubilee/Kitty (Rogue POV)
Archive: Yep, to all who ask.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in here.
Marvel does, and I really hope they don't attack my non-profitting butt for this.
Notes: This is my first ABC fic, so I apologize in advance if it bites. An ABC fic is a short story in which the first letter of every sentence is a successive letter of the alphabet. If the first sentence of the story starts with an A, then the next sentence must start with B, and so on until the last sentence begins with Z. For this fic, I started with I, then went through the alphabet until I got to H. It's not as easy as it sounds.


Incredible. Just completely unbelievable. Kitty and Jubilee were in bed together! Lips and bodies together, hands everywhere, legs intertwined. Man, they were downright indignant when I walked in on them. Not my fault they left the door unlocked; it's my room too, after all. On the other hand, if somebody walked in on me gettin' hot and heavy with someone I'd be a little...what's the word? Perturbed, I guess.

Quit thinkin' about it, Marie. Really, no need to get all weirded out over your best friends makin' out. Still, it was kind of interesting to watch. Two girls doin' it ain't exactly something I was used to seein', havin' spent most of my life in Meridian. Used to be, I thought same-sex relationships were a one-way ticket to hell. Views like that were common in my church-goin' town, so I had to adjust my thinking once I got settled into mansion life with just about every kind of classmate under the sun.

"Welcome to Mutant High," Bobby told me when I attended my first class, almost a year ago. Xavier's school has certainly been an eye-opener for me. You wouldn't believe the kind of things I've seen here, and that's not even takin' into account the mutant powers everybody has. Zappin' people with energy blasts, blowin' stuff up, settin' things on fire, liftin' heavy stuff with brainpower? All that I've gotten used to, believe it or not.

But my two best friends bein' in love that way? Can't believe it, but I might as well get used to it. Don't discriminate based on race, religion, creed, disability, national origin, or sexual orientation, the charter on the wall says. Easy for me, actually, since I've always had an open mind to begin with. Far be it from me to tell Jubes and The Hacker who they can and can't date.

Great, so that leaves one last question: How the heck do I deal with what I felt while watchin' those two?

Title: A Man's Man
Author: Wyzeguy
Email: Wyzeguy79@yahoo.com
Summary: He should have seen it coming...
Rating: PG
Warning: Run while you have the chance!
Archive: Uh huh. Ask first.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters. Marvel, who does, might be traumatized by this fic.
Notes: This is a response to Khaki's challenge, which called for writers to post short stories (regardless of content or mood) beginning with the sentence, "He should have seen it coming." Once again, my twisted mind seized the opportunity.


He should have seen it coming.

That gruff demeanor, the affinity for leather clothing and disdain for shaving should have all been a dead giveaway. Not all of that by itself, but rather the forcefulness by which the image was maintained.

He should have known it was just that: an act.

Now, Scott Summers stood in the bathroom, silent and slackjawed at he sight before him. Words just couldn't do this justice.

Logan turned from the mirror after applying his lipstick, locked eyes with Scott, and gestured idly to the lethally red ankle-length dress and black high-heels he wore. "So? C'mon, Summers, answer me: does this dress make my butt look big or not?"