The Wyze Guide to the


Within us all lies the potential for awesome power. A gene that bestows superhuman abilities on the organism that has it.

A mutant gene.

Unfortunately, society fears those born with the gene, and the power they possess. Mutants are hated and hunted by racist humans. Some mutants hide in fear, wanting only to be left alone. Some use their abilities to strike back against their oppressors.

Some strive to bring peace between the two races. The X-Men are a case in point.

A diverse group of men and women brought together by Professor Charles Xavier, The X-Men are dedicated to a two-fold mission:

-To establish a lasting peace between humans and mutants.

-To elimiate any threat to that peace.

Character Profiles

The founder of the X-Men. Charles Francis Xavier is quite possibly the most powerful telepath on the planet, a power that he realized came with great responsiblity. An accomplished genetic researcher, Xavier became one of the world's foremost experts on genetic mutation, and devoted his life to ending the hatred between humans and mutants. To that end, he formed the X-Men and over the years assembled quite an impressive number of followers.
Xavier is a driven man who doesn't let the fact that he is confined to a wheelchair deter his goal of peaceful co-existence between humans and mutants. Both gravely soft-spoken and intensely outspoken, Xavier fights a struggle that seems increasingly hopeless, and sometimes leads him to make questionable decisions. Rarely does he ever admit he was wrong, but he also has the wisdom to learn from his mistakes.

The leader. Scott Summers was orphaned at a young age and grew up in an orphanage. As he entered adolesence, He began developing headaches and eye problems which eventually culminated into optic energy blasts pouring from his eyes! Unable to control the power constanlt emanating from his eyes, Scott sought help from many sources, including a scientist who figured out that ruby quartz lenses somehow kept his power under control. Scott was eventually taken under the wing of Charles Xavier, and became the first of his growing team of X-Men. Donning a special visor that can not only hold back his power, but also allow it to be focused and released with the push of a button, Summers took the name Cyclops due to the fact that his visor gives him the appearance of having one eye, and also because his human/mutant vision is as singular and focused as his mentor's.
Cyclops has become an efficient team leader, though his interpersonal skills could use work since he has been sheltered most of his life. His power has caused him to keep everyone at arm's length, for fear of destroying them with his lethal optic blasts. He has, however, managed to find friendship in the X-Men, and even love in teammate and current wife Jean Grey. Most people find him boring, but I see him as very focused and dedicated.

The warrior. Logan is definitely a man of mystery. Very little is known about him. What is known is that he is a Canadian mutant with animal-like abilities. These abilities include heightened senses, an accelerated self-healing factor, and blade-like "claws" made of bone (three on each hand) that extend from his hands and retract at will. These claws, as well as the rest of his skeleton, are laced with a virtually indestructable metal alloy called adamantium, given to him rather harshly by the Canadian Government. This process, called the Weapon X Project, seriously pissed Logan off.