The New Batman/Superman Adventures: Fanworks

THE DEAL: We proudly present a series of fanfics based on the hit animated show, "The New Batman/Superman Adventures," currently shown in reruns on Kids WB! The show, created by series producers Paul Dini, Bruce W. Timm, Alan Burnett,and Glen Murakami, stars the DC Comics characters in animated action that's as intelligent and well-written as it is exciting. Too bad it's no longer being produced thanks to the above-mentioned guys working on the futuristic Batman spinoff "Batman Beyond".

FORMAT: That's where we come in. These fanfics comprise a hypothetical "1999-2000" season of "TNBSA". They're written as if they were going to be actual episodes, airing on a monthly basis. One month will see a "Batman" episode, the next will see a "Superman" ep, then another "Batman" story will follow the next month. If plans hold, that is. :)

CREATIVE CREW: Wyzeguy79: Executive Producer/Writer/Story Editor

Vircide: Executive Producer/Writer

More crew additions to be determined.

DISCLAIMER: All characters are owned and copyrighted by DC Comics, Inc., a subsidiary of Time Warner, Inc. The "TNBSA" concept is (c)Warner Bros. Entertainment. We're not at any point saying these are OUR characters. These characters are being used WITHOUT permission (sorry), but no profit is being made off of this. If WB wants us to take down this site, we will. The whole reason we're doing this in the first place is because the show is so awesome it's a crime that we're unable to see more episodes.

Fanworks Stories (more to be added soon)

"Spoiler Warning": by Wyzeguy79. A divorced father tries to turn his life around...but his attempt brings him into contact with the Riddler. Things escalate from there.

Justice has been served times.


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