Below are the stories I've written on this website. The first one is an original creation, while the rest are fan fiction based on my tv show and comic book characters.


LYCANTHROPY: An original story of Max Furlong, a young man whose struggle to find peace with himself is hampered both by his lycanthropy....and outside forces.(COMPLETED 12-98)

X-MEN FANFIC: "Into Sight: Into Mind": As most of the team finds various ways to unwind for the weekend, a shopping trips reveals two surprises for X-Men member of which isn't exactly a good thing. (PART 1 OF 2 COMPLETED 5-99)

STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE FANFIC: "The Alpha Ghost": The station is terrorized by a computer virus that deletes important files and leaves them vulnerable to attack. Meanwhile, a new science officer comes aboard. (COMPLETED 6-99)

TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES FANFIC: "Consequences and Repercussions": The Turtles meet a clan of female ninja, called kunoichi. Are they enemies or allies? Before they can find out, a Turtle's mistake leads to tragedy. (2 OUT OF 3 CHAPTERS COMPLETED 12-99)

THE NEW BATMAN ADVENTURES FANFIC #1: "Spoiler Warning": Based on the Kids' WB animated series. A divorced father's attempt to turn his life around and redeem himself in the eyes of his daughter ends up making this worse...and brings him into contact with The Riddler. (IN SCRIPT FORMAT. COMPLETED 10-99)

THE NEW BATMAN ADVENTURES FANFIC #2: "End of Fear": Barbara "Babs" Gordon is all set to enjoy the Christmas season...until a shocking crime occurs. Now Babs, as Batgirl, must face the villain responsible, and face her own fears and personal vendettas. (COMPLETED 12-99)

ULTIMATE X-MEN FANFIC: "Creature of the Night": The X-Men journey to Florida to meet a new member, Kurt Wagner, aka Nightcrawler. Kurt's adjustment to the team won't be easy... (COMPLETED 9-01)

SCREENPLAY: "Peter Parker: Spider-Man": Spider-Man's origin in fan-screenplay format. Peter Parker finds a hard road ahead of him on his journey from science geek to superhero. (COMPLETED 9-01)

X-MEN MOVIE FANFIC: "Putting Up With That Guy": Taking place during the X-Men movie, this story sets the groundwork for Cyclops and Wolverine's rivalry. Exactly how did those two get on each other's nerves enough for Logan to ask Jean, "Is that your gift? Putting up with that guy?" (COMPLETED 12-01)

ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN/X-MEN FANFIC: "Loners": Ultimate Spider-Man meets the X-Men early in his career, and the two join forces to take on the Sentinels. (COMPLETED 4-02)

X-MEN MOVIE FANFIC: "Enigmatic": Storm's friendship with Wolverine becomes something more as some of his past is uncovered. (PART 1 of 3 COMPLETED 9-02)

CAPTAIN AMERICA FANFIC: "Salute": On the anniversary of September 11th, an Avenger reflects on the tragedy and the nature of patriotism and heroism. (COMPLETED 9-02)

EARTH X FANFIC: "Fanfic X": X-51, the Watchman of Earth, discovers a network of fanfiction stories manifesting as alternate realities. (#0 POSTED 9-02)

THE PRANK: A True Halloween Story (BOO-YAH!!)


Ah, Halloween. While I spent All Hallows Eve this year at home while the rain poured outside, it WAS the one year anniversary of the greatest Halloween prank I've ever masterminded. Allow me to reach through the mists of time and tell you of the event:

The date was Friday (I think), October Thirty-first, in the year Nineteen-Hundred and Ninety-Seven (yeah, yeah, I know: you're saying, "Enough with the setup!! Get ON with it already!!! Geez, don't make me come over there!!" All right, all right, I was just establishing the proper mood, okay?? Don't throw a hissy!!)

Anyway, for a whole week leading up to that day, I was in a deep planning mode, trying to come up with a good Halloween Prank to pull on Beaverdozer, my esteemed sibling. But how? I needed a way to pull of the scam that ensured a) He would live to see November 1st, b) _I_ would live to see November 1st, and c) I wouldn't have to spend November 1st (or any day thereafter) cleaning up my mess and living in a state of Severe Groundedness. So yes, I had my work cut out for me. Finally, on the final day of October, Inspiration descended upon me: Beave has a Glow-In-the-Dark Grim Reaper mask that he planned on wearing for that night. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

After letting my mom in on what I had planned (hey, I'm not stupid: I wanted to make sure I don't end up on the receiving end of Mom Justice), I waited until the right moment: My victim was in the living room watching "Kratts' Kreatures". I made my move, slipping into his room quietly, memorizing his mask's exact location and position (not that he'd have noticed had it been moved), and carried it into the bathroom. Then, I did what any self respecting and loving brother would do:

I put toothpaste in his mask.

Later that night, an hour before we were supposed to visit his friends' apartment, Beaverdozer and I were in his room talking. He is the proud possessor of a blacklight, which makes glow-in-the-dark and flourescent stuff glow. He is also the proud possessor of at least a thousand or so glowy items, taped, stapled, tacked, or otherwise attached to his walls and ceilings. Every night he turns off the main light, so the blacklight is the only light source in the room. If your eyes don't hurt after five minutes of looking at this, you are made of stronger stuff than I. Anyway, my older sibling was going on and on about how one of his friends is just easily scared, and how he likes to annoy her with the mask. He stood up on his bed, mask in hand, and prepared to complete the demon-stration by donning the mask and claiming himself Ruler of the Night or something. I, on the other hand, was glad that the light was poor so he couldn't see the six-mile-wide grin on my face. He hesitated a moment, as he began to suspect something was amiss. Apparently he couldn't figure out what it was, so he slipped on the plastic-and-cloth abomination anyway...

He did a severe double take, followed in short order by, "OH, YUUUUUUUCK!!!!!" He hauled the mask off with a fury unmatched and charged out of the room so fast I'm still surprised the covers on his bed didn't ignite. A hail of amusement met him the hallway as Mom and everyone else in the house heard the commotion. "No wonder I smelled mint," commented a toothpaste-flavored, Beaver, whilst washing his face. He also had to take a shower because some of the minty stuff had ended up in his hair! I had to wash the gunk offa his mask, but man, 'twas worth it. My target cussed for at least two hours (even on the car trip to his friends' place. I'm surprised he let me come with him. I half-figured that the only way he was going to take me with him was either in his trunk or tied to the hood).

And there you have it: the best Halloween prank I've ever orchestrated. But hey, if you have a better story, tell me about it. My Email address is And to all, a Fright Night!


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