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"Peter Paker: Spider-Man" Screenplay

With Great Power...Must Come Great Responsibility.

This phrase launched the career of one of the most popular comic book heroes on the planet, and certainly one of my all-time favorites, Spider-Man.

Now there's a live-action movie on the horizon, directed by Sam Raimi and starring Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, and Willem Dafoe. It even comes out on my birthday, May 3, 2002!

But diehard Spidey fan and fanfic writer than I am, I couldn't help wondering -as all Spider-Man fans do- what my approach would be if I found myself with the task of creating the Spider-Man film (or at least writing it, anyway). Others have asked themselves the same thing, and now it's my turn.

This is the result: a screenplay by yours truly, inspired by characters, stories, and concepts created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko in the comics, and brilliantly reimagined by James Cameron for his own Spider-Man scriptment back in the early 90s (Cameron's attempt to make a Spider-Man movie a decade ago was caught up in legal hell, but his vision of Spidey was uniquely brilliant, and definitely influential in the creation of this script).

This screenplay isn't authorized by Marvel Comics or Sony Pictures, but no disrespect is intended to anyone involved in the comics or movie. This screenplay should also not be confused with any script draft connected with the Spider-Man movie; the script is entitled, "Peter Parker: Spider-Man" for that reason. This one fan's tribute to the above, and to the greatest character in comics, IMHO.

Now then, on with the show.


Starring (imagined cast):

Main Cast
Peter Parker/Spider-Man
Norman Osborn
Mary Jane Watson
Otto Octavius
Ben Parker
May Parker
Harry Osborn

Secondary Cast
Flash Thompson
Captain George Stacy
J. Jonah Jameson
Robbie Robertson
Mendel Stromm
Dr. Curt Connors
Maxwell Dillon/Electro
Maxie Schiffman

Various extras and minor characters

And A Special Appearance By:

Stan "The Man" Lee

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