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Moon Knight 2099 UGR

Current Writer: Jason McDonald
Frequency: Monthly

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In the underbelly of New York lie the darkest corners of the world of tomorrow. Things beyond the glitter and the glamour of the pristine towers and the spotless sparkling hovercars that the corps don't want you knowing about. Below all this opulence and greed are the huddled masses of a city that sleeps with one eye open. In the darkness the starved, downtrodden masses huddle, clutching one another in shallow comforts as they while away the daylight, hopelessly paralyzed by the endless darkness of their lives. But still, under all the decay and misery of Downtown, there is hope. There is a beacon of light that parts the sea of endless shadow. A knight in shining armor come to save the many millions of desperate, faceless people in a world that has all but forgotten about dignity and honor. But for him to rescue the many from the unending darkness, he must first face the darkness that enshrouds his own mind. He is...Moon Knight.

#1 - "Glimmer" by Jason McDonald

#2 - "Silver Lining" by Jason McDonald

#3 - "Hope's Beacon" by Jason McDonald

#4 - "Eclipse" by Jason McDonald

#5 - "Shining Crescent" by Jason McDonald

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