LINKAGE: Stuff to Visit

Tripod: The service that made this possible. Now you have someone to blame for this besides me.
Hotmail: My main email service.
Yahoo!: Besides email, it also has a lot of other neat stuff like....
Yahoo! Clubs: I'm a member of a whole buncha clubs in here. Join one or create your own.
Yahoo! Chat: The BEST chat service around (most times). Chat with thousands of people around the world on any topic at any time.
Yahoo! Messenger: Download this bad boy and communicate with your other Yahoo! buddies any time they're online!
Crusader The Crusader, my college's award-winning student-run newspaper, has its own website. Check out my comic strip "Zero: Big Alien on Campus" in the 'Opinions' section.


Marvel Comics: The online home for the Marvel Comics characters, this site boasts news, character bios, games, and if you have the Flash plugin, online comics!
DC The online home of DC Comics.
Wizard World: The website of Wizard Entertainment, publisher of Wizard Magazine: The Guide to Comics
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The official Mirage Studios TMNT website.
The New Batman/Superman Adventures: Official website of "The New Batman/Superman Adventures", a spiffy animated series.
Batman Beyond.Com: If you have Flash or Shockwave plugins, check out this site devoted to the cool-as-frozen-toothpaste animated series.
Altered Earth Arts: A showcase of several commercial artists' works, including a few former comics artists like Michael Dooney and A.C. Farley.
Emiko Genesis: One of the coolest online comics around, detailing the career of a futuristic rookie cop.
Argon Zark: The funniest online comic of all time!! The title character and his friends experience a weird cyberspace world. Read it, find the pop-culture references and beware Badnasty Jumpjump!
Scott Hosted by Scott McCloud, author of "Understanding Comics" and "Reinventing Comics", does a lot of experimental stuff with the concept of online comics. The guy is a genius.
Exploitation Now: Words cannot describe how funny this online comic strip is. One warning, though: not for the easily-offended.
Comics Continuum: A great resource for comics-related news, and previews of upcoming comics issues. I go here daily.
Comixtreme: Extensively devoted to resources for comics fans. There's e-mail, reviews, previews, a huge image gallery. But the email doesn't work right now. >:(
Something Positive: A funny online comic strip about a group of slacker friends in Boston. The humor is...well, not exactly PG-13 or below, but the comic is great for twenty-something "loser humor".


Beaverdozer's Page!: My brother's website. It's humble, and probably hasn't been visited in a decade, but check it out anyway.


Left Turn at Westchester: An X-Men movieverse RPG with a lot of fanfiction writers among the group of players. Great stuff transpires here.
Team X Rpg: A small group of young mutants carry on the tradition of the now-missing X-Men...if they can get their act together, that is.


Subreality.Com: Kielle, Fan Mistress Extraordinaire, has a buncha cool stuff, like...
C-FAN: Run by Kielle, the Comicbook Fan Authors Network is a list of the various fanfiction websites to be found, as well as a forum for the authors. A movie fan site that counts down the time remaining until the premieres of new movies, and features message boards and other fan stuff.
Countdown to X-Men: The Movie: The latest news on the upcoming X-Men movie, as well as images and the largest X-Men messageboard on the Internet!
Ultimate X: Webmastered by a good friend of mine, Volcanorob, this site features all kinds of stuff on Ultimate X-Men, including issue reviews and a messageboard.
Enter the A database that strives to provide accurate and interesting information on the ninja and their methods and weapons. The site also contains a lot of pictures regarding ninja in the media.
Perch and Creep's site: Perch is an up-and-coming fanfic poet who happens to like my writing. Go figure.
The Medicine Wheel: Minisinoo is pretty much the best X-Men fanfic writer on the planet. 'Nuff said.