Erik Larsen is the creator, writer, and artist of The Savage Dragon from Image Comics. He also writes Nova from Marvel Comics.

WYZE: First, give a breif history of yourself...

ERIK: I was born.  I'm currently still living.

According to Wizard Magazine, your book, "The Savage Dragon", is the first comic they read every month.  How does that make ya feel?

Swell. The Dragon character doesn't really seem that savage.  Why call the book, "The Savage Dragon"?

Because those bastards that publish the gaming magazine Dragon Magazine threatened legal action and I didn't stand my ground.  I have since used the title "The Dragon" a couple times and got away with it-- I kind of wish that I'd just used it originally but I'm used to it by now.  Savage Dragon sounds okay, I think.

There's a noticeable difference in the way you drew when you first started the series (The Dragon was heavily built, and more in proportion), and the way you draw it now (Dragon has skinny legs and a massive upper body).  Was that a consious decision, or did it just evolve that way?

It consciously evolved.  I wanted him to have a more distinctive look.

You've been having great fun with the fact that you can do just about anything to any character you've created in the book (even Dragon).  Do you see that as one of the perks of creating characters?


The Turtles are no longer in their teens, yet the book is called "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles".  Why's that?

Copyright reasons.

I've heard about a "letters-page rivalry" between you and Peter David.  What's that about?

Stupid stuff-- you can read 'em if you want in the book-- I really don't want to perpetuate the thing-- enough is enough.

You've gone from just writing and drawing "The Savage Dragon" to writing "Wolverine", "Aquaman", and "Nova".  What affect has that had on your work life?

Not a whole lot, really-- at one point I was writing Freak Force, SuperPatriot and Deadly Duo while doing Dragon-- at another point I was doing all the stuff for the Dragon cartoon-- I keep busy.

What's "Nova" about?  Is this going to be the Richard Rider character or the Frankie Raye (Galactus' Herald) version?  Why Nova?

  Richard Rider.  It was a book I read and loved as a kid-- I've wanted to write it for years-- at long last I'm writing it and I'm pretty damned happy about it.

Anything else to add?

  Not a lot-- I'm enjoying myself a great deal right now.  I hope you enjoy the stuff!


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