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Welcome to the Marvel Universe...

But not the same Marvel Universe we know. This time, the dawn of the 21st Century has brought forth superheroes, most of them familiar.

But don't expect things to happen the same way here as they did in other Marvel continuities. Characters we regard as superheroes might not be on that side here. And familiar groups could form with different members. And certain heroes might go in different directions than one would expect.

You see, it's all a game.

Marvel Ground Zero RPGs

These roleplaying game clubs, based on characters appearing in Marvel Comics, set about to revamp the Marvel Universe by starting from scratch.

This practice is all the rage in comics these days, as evidenced by the Ultimate Marvel line of titles, but the difference here is that each player in these games have a hand in shaping this universe through roleplay. For instance, Spider-Man's origin would be much different if it were roleplayed out, instead of written by Stan Lee. How different is up to the players.

So far, there are two connected Ground Zero clubs in Yahoo! Clubs, and, in the spirit of the Marvel Universe itself, what happens in one can affect the other.

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X-Men Ground Zero RPG Spider-Man Ground Zero RPG

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All characters appearing herein (the recognizable ones, anyway) are owned by Marvel Characters, Inc. We didn't create 'em, we don't own 'em, we're just playing their characters for fun. A few characters in here (like Pyre and Slith) were created by the roleplayers, and they're pretty much owned by their creators. No copyright infringement is intended, and nobody's making any money off of this. We're just trying our hand at worldbuilding, a necessary component of RPGs.

Founder of the Ground Zero clubs
aka cyclops_of_the_x and spiderman_webslinger_2000