Fantastic Four 2099 UGR

Current Writer: David Ellis
Frequency: Monthly

Headshots go here. I also want to have the individual headshots link up to a bio page about every major character that each individual writer can write up, time allowing, for their characters. I think that'd be a cool addition. Let me know, Dave!

Reed Richards - Mr. Fantastic.

Sue Storm - Invisible Woman.

Johnny Storm - Human Torch.

Benjamin J. Grimm - The Thing.

They are the Fantastic Four, and they are about to awaken in the year 2099. An Earth corporation has overrun the Negative Zone, strip-mining it to its proverbial bare walls, and as the Fantastic Four come to terms with this harsh, heartless era, they find themselves in the position of saving the Negative Zone ... pitting them against the Stark-Fujikawa workers who awakened them.

#1 - "Shifting Gears" by David Ellis

#2 - "Only Human" by David Ellis

#3 - "Endangered Species" by David Ellis

#4 - "Danger Zone" by David Ellis

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